The advantage of Apple’s products, which is a technology company that dominates the global share of technology, is that Apple’s products are known to have good quality and are superior to other products. This is because Apple always does long enough research on a product and spends a lot of money.

The selling price of Apple products is higher than other similar products. Surprisingly, there are still many people who are willing to spend more to own Apple products. Buy iPhone 12 pro max, one of the products that have just been released is a favorite among people who love technology and smartphones.

Apple products are known to have distinctive and elegant designs. This distinctive design is found in all Apple products. For example, the iPhone and especially the MacBook product. If we compare it with existing laptop products, there are several advantages, including there are no ventilation holes at the bottom of the MacBook. The usual connection lines are also very few when compared to other laptops in general. Apart from an artistic perspective, the design quality of Apple products can also be seen from the durability of the product. Like iPhone products, which use certain glass, unlike other smartphones that use plastic materials.